Our Mission 

Our mission is to sponsor and perform the following FREE activities:

Our Mission

Our mission is to fund and engage in research to fight, manage and find a cure for diabetes.

we sponsor and perform the following FREE activities:


1.  Educational Grants and Camps

2. Educational Seminars and Conferences

3. Research

4. Youth Group and Family Support Teams

5. Free Nutrition Consultations

6. Diabetes Newsletter

7. Loaning the public educational tapes, developed by the Diabetes National Institute, from our Diabetes educational audio library

Grants and Camps

We award Educational grants to improve diabetic control and health, through education, learning new techniques, and develop more self-reliance and self-esteem. Diabetes Camps have previously been awarded grants to administer programs for children.

Educational  Seminars and Confrences

We host Education Seminars and Conferences for the public aimed at teaching people about diabetes care, new advances in diabetes research, and potential treatments.


We support research that is aimed at finding a cure for diabetes.

Youth Group and Family Support Teams

For children with diabetes, it is extremely difficult to take care of themselves, and to cope with complications and the stress of improving blood sugar control.


We sponsor Youth Group and Family Support Teams where children with diabetes and families that are also coping and dealing with diabetes can build friendships and share their experiences.

Free Nutrition Consultations

Good nutrition is the building block for good control of Juvenille and Adult onset diabetes.  Many people can not afford nutrition consults which may not be paid by third party insurers and many people find it difficult to go during the week work day.  Thus we are offering free nutrition consultations on weekends during the year.

Diabetes Newsletter

Our newsletter briefly describes new advances in diabetes research and ways people can improve their health.

Diabetes National Institute is first and foremost a growing campaign against diabetes and a community effort to enrich the lives of people with diabetes. Our mission is to provide free services and create a warm and supportive atmosphere where people with diabetes, their families, and the public can engage, learn, and build a greater understanding of diabetes.

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