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Vocational trainings provided by our team of experts.

who are 

Take part in a creative group that teaches you how to craft wood products. Exercise on how to use wood tools and woodworking techniques.


Gain expertise in glass-forming techniques by being able to inflate molten glass into a bubble using blowpipe. You'll be constantly supervised and guided.

our mission

Make your own pottery and impress your friends with your unique and creative results. Understand and practice the end to end process of pottery.


Phantom Auction 2019!
The Diabetes National Institute will be hosting the "Phantom Auction" to creat better lives for childeren with diabetes in our community through Medstar Meorgtown  University hospital.
The event will start 20, 2019.
Please join us on this exciting oppertunity.
More details to come in the future.


Diabetes National Institute is a campaign against diabetes and a community effort to enrich the lives of people with diabetes. Learn about our mission.


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