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Type 1 Diabetes- Is There A Cure?

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is a  disorder characterized by the destruction of the body' insulin producing cells (islets) by the body's own immune system. One method to cure Diabetes would be to transplant normal islets to people with diabetes. However, transplanted islets are eventually rejected by the body.

Exciting Breakthrough Development!

Over the last year, our research has led to an exciting breakthrough development of a device that when placed under the skin cures all animals of diabetes.


Research Paper 

.We have an amazing team of extraordinary doctors and researchers supported the National Diabetes Institute advancing medical science through technology and research, each with a personal mission to improve the lives of millions of people living with diabetes in our community.

We're proud to share a paper recently published in Islets, which is the first international, peer reviewd research journal dedicated to islet biology!



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Can miRNA serve as a predicive biomarkers for the stratification of childeren at high risk for type 1 diabetes? Find out here. 

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