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Youth Group

The Youth Group meets several times a year.  The Group is not only an educational forum for children with diabetes  but is constructed to emotionally support children by developing cohesive  supportive relationships between youths with diabetes.


The Diabetes Support Team

Most families are devastated after finding out their child has diabetes.  Even after the intense education efforts to teach the families how to care for their diabetic child, the diabetic children and their families need peer support to physically and emotionally get them through the initial months of their life with diabetes. To fill this need, the DNI developed a ‘The Diabetes Support Team’.  Composed of units consisting of a diabetic child and his/her parents, the Team visits and supports newly diagnosed diabetic children and their families.  To get in touch with the Support Team, email and ask to be connected

The Youth and Family Support Groups are designed to get you through this difficult time, share helpful information, grow lasting friendships and remind all involved that they are not alone.

Diabetes National Institute is supporting the Diabetes Youth Group activities of  Medstar Georgetown University Pediatrics. This support group is committed to giving children with diabetes an opportunity to meet other children with diabetes, reinforcing the attitude that they are not alone. This past year the Youth Group has been working towards that goal by hosting fun activities with in-depth conversations that foster a sense of community among children with diabetes.  The group started in January 2009 with its first event, a bowling party. In a program that started humbly with one event attended by 8 children, we have grown and hope to continue growing to accommodate every child who is interested. We hope to keep up our positive momentum! 



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